W别墅是由维尔夫拉(Wilfra)设计的位于比利时蒂根的极简住宅。 在这个极简主义的家中,Wilfra将室内设计简化为最基本的元素。每一个细节都经过深思熟虑:干净的线条,对材料的冷静使用和对建筑的尊重赋予了这个设计近乎神圣的外观。内部已经精简到最基本的部分,每一个细节都经过深思熟虑。
Villa W is a minimal residence located in Tiegem, Belgium, designed by Wilfra. In this minimalist home, Wilfra has reduced the interior to the essentials. Every detail has been thought through: clean lines, sober use of materials and respect for the architecture give this design an almost sacred appearance. The interior has been reduced to the essentials and every detail has been thought through.

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