Studio AUTORI最近在塞尔维亚的贝尔格莱德完成了一套公寓,在设计过程中,他们决定采用玻璃墙将厨房与餐厅分隔开。公寓位于一个经典的20世纪20年代的住宅楼内,公寓的主要生活空间占据了一个大的开放空间,然而,设计师想要创建一个隔断,所以他们安装了一个黑色框架的玻璃墙,两边都有可折叠的门。
Studio AUTORI recently completed an apartment in Belgrade, Serbia, and during the design process, they decided to include a glass wall that separates the kitchen from the dining room.

Located within a classical 1920’s residential building, the main living spaces of the apartment occupy a large open room, however, the designers wanted to create a partition, so they installed a black-framed glass wall with folding doors on each side.



黑色钢制框架与黑色餐桌相辅相成,与浅灰色厨柜和岛上的Veneto Bianco意大利大理石形成鲜明对比。
The black steel frame complements the black dining table, and provides a contrast to the light grey kitchen cabinets and the Veneto Bianco Italian marble on the island.



Curved cabinets on either end of the kitchen soften its appearance, and when opened, reveal custom shelving that matches the shape of the cabinet.