The way the green plants just seem to pop out in this interior is my favorite thing. Every corner in this home has a plant, either small or bigger and it just gives such a fresh look to this place.


在客厅里,我喜欢日本吊坠和Ox Denmarq的圆形大理石O形桌。房间的其余部分装饰得很朴素,但在某种程度上它确实很突出。
In the living room I just love the Japanese pendant combined with the round marble O table from Ox Denmarq. The rest of the room is decorated modestly, but it really stands out in its simplicity in a way.


I like the white oval dining table in the kitchen with the black Thonet bentwood chairs* around it adding contrast. The open shelving with the ceramics works very nicely and adds a little something to the tiled wall above the kitchen worktop.


The color of the bedsheets in the bedroom really stand out in this otherwise white space and the pop of green in the plant is a nice fresh touch here as well.

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