Queensland Penthouse is a wonderful example in contemporary Australian design of how modern and refined decor composition can merge with the historical past of the place and elegantly underline some of its more striking features, achieving a timeless blender of sophistication and luminosity.



Untouched since it was built in the 1970 the penthouse project was undertaken by CJH Studio and turned into serene refuge with smooth curves and luminous color and light composition. Relaying not only on the monochrome and elegant color palette but also on sleek and trendy materials selection (hot terrazzo, ceramic tiles, wood, and travertine flooring), the designers compose a space of purity and sophistication.



Located on the top floor of high-end property building, the penthouse offered some original features worth keeping. And the design team not only kept them but underlined the beautiful curves – replicated them in furniture and custom made constructs, used the double height of the living premises in the most advantageous and clever way.




Light cascading throughout the space, smooth curved staircase in the light-reflecting white, shining surface of the trendy metro tiles cladding columns and decor details, double-height windows with airy textural curtains, almost minimalist whiteness of decor composition – all of those design touches create a sense of elegant calm and quiet sophistication. The soft curves of the striking staircase e lead the eye from the open living room premise to the upper level where the more secluded and privet areas resign.




The breezy sense of chill-out vibe in the design is underlined by the openness and the curved lines that can be met in each detail of the design and architectural composition. This combination creates a relaxed and reclusive retreat for the apartment’s inhabitants.


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